Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na)

The Tui Na is Chinese therapeutic massage, and means "push and pull", which defines two of the many techniques used in this manual therapy. It is perhaps the most ancient healing art, prior to acupuncture and other forms of physical treatments. It also refers to specific techniques of this massage to prevent illness and restore the energy balance of internal organs, and activate and redirect the flow of vital forces.


The Tui Na has been passed from generation to generation and today remains one of the techniques used and disseminated among the chinese population, to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance, and has now became known and used  in the West for its great therapeutic benefits.


This form of  Chinese massage is closely related to the theory of Tui Na  and it is essential that every practitioner offering this massage  therapy has a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, thus achieving a greater understanding of this practice and its healing power.

Relaxation Massage

These massages are  designed  to achieve a state of calm in the body, which often cannot be obtained naturally, to de-contract muscles and leave you with a feeling of relaxation, which has not been possible to obtain otherwise. There are many kinds of massages, anyway.

Prices and duration of treatment of massages:

  • Therapeutic massage: 45 minutes for 35€.
  • Relaxation massage: 45 minutes for 35€.
  • Massage and acupuncture: 60 minutes for 45€.
  • Massage and cupping: 60 minutes for 45€.
  • Massage and sauna: 70 minutes for 45€.