Sauna with therapeutic plants

Taking a sauna requires tranquility and relaxation. This is  not something you cannot do in a hurry. Saunas are very beneficial for stress and chronic worry problems. The benefits include skin detoxification, improved blood flow,

the heart pumps harder and prepares you for a good night's sleep.The

therapeutic benefits are gained via the sauna and a vaporizer, in which

aromatic substances are placed that benefit the bloodstream


Sauna with bio-ceramics

This consists of a sauna session, wearing a bio-ceramic belt. The bio-ceramics and their thermal properties help reduce fluid (water) and accumulated toxins. Infrared heat also helps micro-circulation to eliminate the impurities in the body, and consequently the improvement is global, with the areas most directly affected

achieving high levels of relaxation and improved physical performance.

Prices and duration of treatment of sauna:

  • Sauna: 30 minutes for 20€.
  • Sauna y massage: 70 minutes for 45€.
  • Sauna with bioceramics: 50 minutes for 30€