Stay healthy with Dr. Fu Qiang Li

Dr. Fu Qiang Li

Dr. Fu Qiang Li in San Eugenio offers a comprehensive  and excellent service   via the application of a healing system that has been used successfully in China for thousands of years.


Dr. Fu Qiang Li has been practise in Tenerife since 2001, and is qualified in traditional Chinese medicine professional. he was a pupil of one of the most prestigious doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Luzhangong, specialising in traditional practices such as acupuncture, massage, suction treatment, therapy and moxibustion,  However, while many Western doctors   continue to reject chinese medicine  as irrelevant and ineffective, Dr. Fu, along with many of his peers both inside and outside China ,view a combination of the two medical traditions as perfectly acceptable, and he will recommend the use of  Western medicine if he feels that is what is required. However, he does believe that the obsession we have with taking a pill for every ailment is, in some cases , unnecessary, there is an  alternative.


Chinese medicine uses the application of modern scientific studies combined with traditional techniques with results that are perfectly adaptable for use with Western medicine. These methods are particularly appropriate treatments for ailments of the spine, arthritis, back pain, herniated discs. Often avoiding the need for aggressive treatment or surgery. Dr. Fu can  also  treat muscle injuries, tendinitis, facial paralysis, headaches and digestive problems. Chinese medicine treats the whole body, and is very effective for children.It will also help with appetite problems, concentration, and strengthen your immune system.

The tenets of  my therapies

Offering tailor-made treatment and therapies  to  solve your health  problems.